Top 6 Best rabbit treats

Rabbits much like ourselves have a sweet tooth and absolutely love having treats. You’ll constantly have them running around your feet begging for treats whenever they see you walk near the treat box! But as per any pet, you will need to make sure they have a balanced diet and should only be given a … Read more

How long do rabbits live for?

How Long Do Rabbits Live? For some animal lovers, there’s nothing more enchanting than the fuzzy white tail and twitching whiskers of a rabbit. These furry, fascinating creatures have been bred for use as domestic pets for centuries. While it’s true rabbits were initially reared to be eaten, it wasn’t long before they became our … Read more

Should I neuter or spay my rabbit?

Gi Stasis in Rabbits

Why neuter / spay rabbits? Neutering can keep rabbits from becoming aggressive and territorial if it is done when they are young. It can also prevent uterine cancer in does in later life. It may avoid bucks from developing a habit of spraying urine to mark their territory if done before they are six months … Read more