Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Can Rabbits Eat Celery

Can rabbits eat celery? – Whilst Rabbits can eat carrots, it’s commonly known that they need a healthy variety of vegetables. Knowing which vegetables to feed your rabbit can be a pain as some of them really aren’t that healthy, so, the question is, can rabbits eat celery? Celery is a fantastic option to give … Read more

Rabbit Pregnancy – Complete Guide

Rabbit Pregnancy

Rabbit Pregnancy (Also known as rabbit gestation) can be a scary thing when they say that they breed like rabbits, they aren’t lying. Rabbits are notoriously known for producing large amounts of kits and they will need a lot of care. When can my rabbit mate? Female Rabbits (Also known as a Doe) can become … Read more

How to harvest Angora Rabbit Wool

Angora Rabbit Wool

Angora rabbits are known for their extremely soft and sought after fur which comes as a sheep wool alternative. From Angora Sweaters to scarfs and even socks. Having an Angora rabbit can become quite profitable and even help with making yourself self-reliant on your own skills. For example, did you know that 1 ounce of … Read more

Angora Rabbit owners guide

Angora Rabbit

If you’re here, you’re probably looking at getting an Angora Rabbit. These are one of the fluffiest rabbits out there, they’re known for their excessive fur, characteristic ears and a common alternative to many wool producers. About Angora Rabbits What is an Angora Rabbit Angora Rabbits are one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds and … Read more

Pasteurellosis in Rabbits

Pasteurellosis in Rabbits

Pasteurellosis is a disease which affects lots of living creatures, including rabbits. Pasteurellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause infections in the eyes, ears and nose. Key Points This is a bacterial disease that can cause nasal and sinus infections, ear and eye infections, pneumonia and abscesses within bones, joints and internal organs. Pasteurella … Read more

Encephalitozoonosis in Rabbits

The Encephalitozoonosis disease, despite its incredibly long name, sounds just as confusing as it is. There’s a lot of misconception with Encephalitozoonosis in rabbits. For example, it’s still unknown if Encephalitozoonosis can be caught by humans as well as rabbits. There have been some rarely seen cases but nothing in a study fully confirming it … Read more

RHD2 in Rabbits

RHD2 was previously known as VHD (A different Strain), it is a Haemorrhagic Disease which is highly contagious and extremely fatal. VHD is less severe than its newer strain, however, both have very high mortality rates. Key Points It is a new strain stemming from VHD It is extremely deadly over 1.3 million pet rabbits … Read more

Coccidiosis in Rabbits

Coccidiosis is a disease that can cause severe damage to a rabbits liver, it’s more common within birds, however, can be particularly bad with Rabbits as they can reinfect themselves. Key Points More commonly seen in birds but can infect rabbits Your rabbit can infect themselves when eating cecotropes Particularly common in young and recently … Read more

Myxomatosis in Rabbits


Myxomatosis is a very severe disease among rabbits which almost always results in death. Unfortunately, if your rabbit isn’t vaccinated before being subject to the disease, the chances of survival are very slim. Key Points Myxomatosis is a fatal virus It’s very common within wild rabbits, not as much with domestic rabbits It can be … Read more

The truth about Rabbit wire bottom cages

rabbit wire bottom

Assuming you keep your rabbits outdoors, you may often see that wire bottom cages are recommended. It’s a difficult one to pinpoint as everyone has their own opinion on rabbit wire bottom cages. In this blog post, I’m going to go over the good, the bad and the ugly of rabbit wire bottom cages and … Read more