2021 Christmas gift guide for rabbits

By Link the Bun
Published on: June 13th, 2021

Your furry friend deserves to be loved and spoilt too!

Regardless of whether or not you call your rabbit a member of the family, a fur baby or pet, they deserve to only get the best toys and treats.

2021 is no exception, with many of us being inside due to a lockdown I’m sure our furry friends are annoyed we’ve had to share their space more than normal! So to celebrate good cheer a little more freedom, grab them a special bun-tastic Christmas gift.

We’ve picked some of our favorite tried and tested treats & toys that our rabbit Link has chewed, ripped apart and played with countless times. Regardless of how sassy your rabbit is, the selection we have picked will get them binkying and feeling much more festive than normal.

3-in-1 Teach-n-Treat Interactive Toy

Interactive Rabbit Toy
Our #1 pick for rabbit toys

This is the most involved toy we’ve found out there other than training your rabbit with treats, the Teach-n-treat will really show you how smart your rabbit is. It’s an extremely fun and engaging toy that will teach your rabbit that working hard and smart rewards them.

Perfect for some rabbit friendly Christmas themed treats.

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Balls

Whilst our rabbit Link has an obvious favorite (The white one on the right hand side), he does love all of these! You do need to make sure to check these balls as there were horror stories in Facebook pages years ago about a plastic line being found running through the middle of these balls, although we’ve never been able to replicate this.

You should expect a bit of a mess made from the middle one as this will likely be ripped apart and simply left alone, the others are much easier to eat and play with.

Overall, these have been fantastic toys, the ones we’ve ordered have been the Rosewood brand specifically much-like most of the products we purchase.

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Wacky Wobbler

I would love to show you a picture of one of these we’ve got, but our rabbit tore this apart entirely and we haven’t ordered one since! (You’ll see why in the next gift!). These last quite a while if your rabbit doesn’t rip it from its base, but if it does it simply has a big chew toy!

Our rabbit Link loves throwing these around from the top only for them to wobbly back into place, these hilarious toys are great to drop in-front of your fur friend if you want them to throw it back at you.

Rosewood Maze-a-log


Another fantastic favorite, you hide pellets or treats in the holes of these and watch your rabbit absolutely tear it apart. Luckily cardboard in small quantities is fine to nibble on, so just make sure to take this off your furry friend!

As you can see in the pictures above, it will have hours of play! You can get this directly on the Rosewood website or on Amazon and potentially your local pet store!

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