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Are Rabbits Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?


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2021 Christmas gift guide for rabbits
Are Rabbits Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?

Whilst rabbits do try to eat everything, where do they fall? Are they Herbivores or not? The answer is, yes! Rabbits are Herbivores. There’s some misunderstanding outside of the rabbit community as most rodents are omnivores and rabbits are commonly seen as rodents despite actually being Lagomorpha. Rabbits may try to steal your pizza, but

2021 Christmas gift guide for rabbits

Your furry friend deserves to be loved and spoilt too! Regardless of whether or not you call your rabbit a member of the family, a fur baby or pet, they deserve to only get the best toys and treats. 2021 is no exception, with many of us being inside due to a lockdown I’m sure

French Lop Rabbit Guide – Care, Lifespan, Diet & FAQ

What are French Lop Rabbits? French lop Eared rabbits are one of the most popular breeds out there, they’re known for being extremely small rabbits which are the produce of cross breeding Butterfly and English Lops. Unfortunately, the original purpose of this cross breeding was for improved meat production. The French Lop breed was actually

How to Bathe and clean your Rabbit

Some pets need help bathing while some do not. Rabbits, along with cats, fall into the category of independent bathers. There are still safe ways to bathe your pet rabbit if necessary, but be aware of the risks. Avoid bathing your rabbit and only do so as a last resort. If you must bathe your

Rabbit Tails: Everything you need to know

Rabbit tails are without a doubt one of the softest and cutest little balls of fur out there. Whilst extremely cute, do they actually have any benefits or purpose? Whether it’s balance, changing direction from predators or simply looking cute. Let’s dive in! Why do rabbits have tails? Rabbit tails are designed to help avoid

Rabbit Bedding: Everything you need to know

Rabbit Bedding is a hot topic in the rabbit care community, some people use litter as bedding, some use bedding as litter etc. Traditionally bedding was only used for outside hutches to keep your rabbit warm however as time has gone on this has changed for both indoors and outdoor rabbits. Whilst you don’t actively