Are rabbits (Kits) born blind?

Baby Rabbits

Why are rabbits born blind? At birth, a rabbits eyes are sealed shut and will remain this way for approximately two to three weeks after birth. The reason behind this is to allow the baby rabbit to develop further outside of their mother who will be read to breed sooner. This does however make baby … Read more

Understanding your Rabbits Body Language & Behavior

Rabbit Behavior

Understanding a rabbits body language A rabbits body language is not always easy to interpret at times. Every rabbit has their own unique personality and some may be more confident than others in expressing themselves. All rabbits do things to communicate their feelings, whether they are happy, sad, excited or scared. To understand their behavior … Read more

Angora Rabbit owners guide

Angora Rabbit

If you’re here, you’re probably looking at getting an Angora Rabbit. These are one of the fluffiest rabbits out there, they’re known for their excessive fur, characteristic ears and a common alternative to many wool producers. About Angora Rabbits What is an Angora Rabbit Angora Rabbits are one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds and … Read more

Rabbit Care guide new owners PDF

Rabbit Sleeping

Rabbits are an extremely popular small pet, but they are often given away or abandoned due to misunderstanding of their needs, this is our “Rabbit Care Guide new Owners” will show you how easy it is to actually take care of your new furry friend. If you would like a PDF version of this guide, … Read more

What do you call a baby rabbit?

How to look after a baby rabbit

If you’re a fan of cute rabbits, bunnies, hares, all things furry. You may be shocked by the name of a baby rabbit. To cut straight to it, Baby Rabbits are called kittens (or kits), much like it’s cat-like equivalent. This means a group of kittens is called a nest of kittens, a litter or … Read more

How to litter train a rabbit

How to toilet train a rabbit

Rabbits poop, a lot. But luckily for us, they love finding one or two places (usually corners) to go to the toilet on a regular basis. This makes the act of litter training a rabbit very easy. Before we start, it’s very important to know that your rabbit will have little ‘accidents’ and spray a … Read more

How long does a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit live for?

Dwarf Rabbit

A Dwarf Rabbit Breed (Commonly known as a mini rabbit) will typically live anywhere between 10-12 years whilst indoors and 7-9 years when kept in an outdoor hutch. In most cases, a dwarf rabbit will have dental issues and will require consistent care from twice a day fresh vegetables and continuous amounts of hay. Netherland … Read more

How big can a Flemish Giant Rabbit get?

Flemish rabbits can get bigger than some breeds of dogs, they’re not your small adorable fluffy friends but instead they are the kind of rabbit that will bump into your feet and cause you to fall over them. And I think that’s perfect. Flemish Giants are the largest breed of rabbit Flemish Giants have a … Read more

A guide to Flemish Giant Rabbits

Flemish Giants are Gentle Giants, literally, at 2.5ft as adults and weighing anywhere up to 23 pounds they will be one of the best fluffy friends you’ll ever have the pleasure of owning. They are essentially a small/medium extra fluffy dog that will constantly follow you around expecting veggies! There is not one photo out … Read more