Rabbit Predators (& How To Avoid Them)

Rabbit Predators

Rabbits, though they may not look intimidating, have many predators because they actually don’t have a lot of defense mechanisms. Some rabbits are able to dig holes and hide underground, but there are many others who just sit up on their hind legs declaring their innocence and cuteness. Mother Nature has compensated rabbits by making … Read more

Rabbits are not rodents & here’s why

At some point in the first half of the 20th century, scientists who classify animals (such as zoologists) started noticing certain morphological and behavioral differences between lagomorphs and rodents, and they began moving lagomorphs one by one out of the order Rodentia and into a new group of their own. Rabbits are extremely cute, they’re … Read more

Flystrike with Rabbits

Flystrike which is considered a pretty common but serious issue for rabbits in the summer can be an easily avoided issue. Flystrike also known as ‘myiasis’ and should be known by all rabbit owners. Flystrike is the result of flies being attracted to a damp, urine & faeces covered area typically seen around your rabbits … Read more

A Guide to Rabbits Sleeping

Rabbit Sleeping

Rabbits, like ourselves need around 8 hours of sleep per day, Luckily, they can sleep on and off throughout the day, whether they lie whilst being splooted, loafed, flopped or sitting up. Rabbits are known for being crepuscular which means that they’re mostly active at dawn and dusk (Between Civil, Nautical, Astronomical Twilight in the … Read more

Rabbit Poop – Everything you need to know

Cute rabbit

Rabbit poop is important! – This guide will tackle everything related to rabbit poop. Poop is at a core the perfect way of telling if your rabbit is not only healthy but if they have any internal issues. If you’re concerned about your rabbit’s poop or hanging their diet, you should always contact your local … Read more

Why water is vital for your rabbit

Ceramic Water Bowl

Fresh Water is crucial Water is your rabbit’s best and generally only drink, It is because rabbits are made of 73 percent of water. As rabbits have a complex and sensitive digestive system, their body’s need good quality hay and of course water! Why you should keep your rabbit hydrated Water is needed for your … Read more

Rabbit Pregnancy – Complete Guide

Rabbit Pregnancy

Rabbit Pregnancy (Also known as rabbit gestation) can be a scary thing when they say that they breed like rabbits, they aren’t lying. Rabbits are notoriously known for producing large amounts of kits and they will need a lot of care. When can my rabbit mate? Female Rabbits (Also known as a Doe) can become … Read more

How to harvest Angora Rabbit Wool

Angora Rabbit Wool

Angora rabbits are known for their extremely soft and sought after fur which comes as a sheep wool alternative. From Angora Sweaters to scarfs and even socks. Having an Angora rabbit can become quite profitable and even help with making yourself self-reliant on your own skills. For example, did you know that 1 ounce of … Read more

Pasteurellosis in Rabbits

Pasteurellosis in Rabbits

Pasteurellosis is a disease which affects lots of living creatures, including rabbits. Pasteurellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause infections in the eyes, ears and nose. Key Points This is a bacterial disease that can cause nasal and sinus infections, ear and eye infections, pneumonia and abscesses within bones, joints and internal organs. Pasteurella … Read more