Help! My rabbit ate a Cream Cracker!

By Link the Bun
Published on: February 5th, 2021

From time to time we all feed our rabbits naughty treats, myself included with a cream cracker. But what happens if your rabbit does help themselves to a very dry cream cracker? What health implications are there and should you rush them to the vetinarian?

Well, the lucky news is that it’s not likely going to harm your rabbit! Despite what PETA says, having a rare nibble or accidental cracker steal won’t cause permanent damage.

Will my rabbit die from eating Crackers?

This is incredibly unlikely, crackers are very unhealthy and have a higher risk of being a choking hazard, but the odd nibble won’t cause your rabbits death.

Are rabbits allowed to eat crackers?

You shouldn’t give your rabbit any foods that are high in carbohydyrates, fat or sugar which includes Cream Crackers. If they nibble, on a cracker you shouldn’t see any issues and won’t need to rush you rabbit to a vetinarian unless they are choking.

What happens if I give my rabbit crackers regularly?

Cream Crackers don’t provide any health benefits and actually contain nutrients that aren’t particularly good for your rabbit and continued consumption of high-carb treats can result in enterotoxemia.

Additionally, Cream Crackers are very dry and as such can be a choking hazard, rabbits cannot vomit so choking is EXTREMELY dangerous. If you’re not sure on what to do when your rabbit is choking, educate yourself prior to an event like this happening by checking out this video below:

If your rabbit is choking, call a vet IMMEDIATELY

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